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Mountainbike in Lanna

Rent MTB

We rent out MTB including helmet and locker
300SEK per day

Do you want to rent MTB?
Contact or calling us at 019-16 40 70

Mountain bike


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Are you interested to book our MTB package? 
Contact or call us at
019-16 40 70

Treat yourself something extra after you MTB ride

Relax entry
330SEK per person
Wine package
350SEK per person

Maps and trails

There are cycling maps that show many different MTB trails across Ånnaboka and Lekeberg. These are areas adjacent to Lanna and Lannalodge. Ånnaboda offers trails that suits everyone. For the advanced practitioners, there are longer trails that really put endurance and cycling skills to the test. If you are new to MTB or if you want to have a nice ride with the family, there are easier trails that suits you perfectly. Old ancient castles and cobblestone fields are some of the things you can see when you meander up and down out in the hilly terrains of Kilsbergen. In the southern part of trails in Ånnaboda there is a connection that goes to the trails in Lekeberg.

Lekeberg also offers fine MTB trails of various degrees of difficulty and lengths. Lekeberg's black trail is tough and gives you a good challenge. There are some shorter green trails tha go past Lanna Badgruva which is perfect place for those who want to cool oss after a hot day on the bike. The green trails are easier and offer nice little villages along the roads, unlike the trails in Ånnaboda, which are out in the wilderness.

Would you like to be guided through Sweden's most densely packed and largest cycling area? Book a MTB intructor.

Here you can read more Bergslagen cycling and cykelleden Matbyttan which starts at Lannalodge.


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