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Våra Golfbanor

18 hole course

We are proud to offer a beautiful, well-designed and well-maintained 18-hole course. Since the course is located at the foot of Kilsbergen , The character consists of a blend of park and forest areas. The view towards the Kilsbergen mountains, forest, and terrain beautifully frames our 18-hole course.

At the Beaver Hole, perhaps our most well-known hole, you stand elevated and look down at the green, which has a treacherous position right by a meandering stream. On the other side of the road, the landscape has changed somewhat since 2019. A beautiful stone bridge has been placed over the ravine, which now also contains two ponds. As the finishing hole, you tee off towards the clubhouse area and the pond situated on the right side of the green. Before reaching the green, you must hit over the stream flowing towards the pond. Then, you stroll across a beautiful stone bridge to finish your round.

We always strive to maintain a high quality on our course, which is why larger or smaller adjustments are made annually on or around the course.

Par-3 banan

Par 3 course

Our Par 3 course opened in 2017. The purpose is to deliver an exciting short course with high quality and accessibility for everyone, especially beginners. The spectacular island green is perhaps the most challenging hole on this course. Here, you can practice your short game and test your knowledge of your clubs and your abilities. The golf pro Pierre Fulke , has designed our short course, except for the island green, which was designed by the owner, Henrik Johansson.

Take care of our courses

Take care of our greens, always use a divot repair tool, and don't forget to replace your divot.

During winter and frost, it is strictly forbidden for players, staff, and pedestrians to even enter the course. Ball retrieval in ponds, ditches, and within the golf course area is prohibited due to the risk of accidents, and this rule applies throughout the year.

All play must be registered in GIT system to be permitted.
As a player, you must confirm your presence at least 15 minutes before the start.
Starting on tee 10 is strictly prohibited.

New golf rules

Under 2023, new golf rules were introduced. These are not as extensive as those introduced in 2019. Your can read more about the rules here:

Golf rules 2023
Golf rules 2019

You can also find them in the new golf application for Android and iOS: Rules of Golf 2019 (R&A).

Common questions about the golf course

What is a golf course called?

That's the place where golfers play golf and typically consists of a series of holes, each with a tee box, fairway, and a green with a flagstick and a hole where the ball is putted into. A golf course can vary in difficulty and length depending on its design and layout. There can also be different types of golf courses, such as 18-hole courses, 9-hole courses, and executive courses.

What is a golf ball called?

It's the ball used in the game of golf, struck with golf clubs to reach the goal, which is to get the ball into the hole in as few strokes as possible. Golf balls come in various variations with different characteristics, including different compression levels, surfaces, and patterns. The choice of golf ball can affect the player's performance and ability to control the ball on the golf course.

What is the area outside the actual golf course fairway called?

The area outside the actual golf course fairway is usually called "rough" in English. In Swedish, it can be translated as "grovt" or "ruff". Rough is the higher grass or other natural obstacles surrounding the fairway and can make the game more challenging. It's usually more difficult to hit the ball from the rough than from the fairway because the grass there can be longer and uneven, affecting the ball's trajectory and the player's ability to control the shot. Rough is part of the golf course design and can vary in difficulty.


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