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Do you want to become a member at Lannalodge? Send your expression of interest regarding membership form, golf ID and contact details to We will get back to you with information about the capacity we have in the membership form you requested.

Remember the wellness option. All who plays golf at Lannalodge have an extra advantage. The entire amount you pay applies as the game fee and you can therefore use the entire amount as health care. Read more about golf and health care allowance here.

All new members and all changes in a membership has to fill out a new agreement and submit it to reception in original form. This also applies to direct debit agreements. Alla membership changes must be at our disposal by the end of January before the coming season. No changes are registered until the original agreement is received.

Important when paying by direct debit. When upgrading or if you add the fee to direct debit after February 28, the fees for the months that have passed in connection with the first withdrawal will be deducted from your account. The first draw takes place in February of the current year and the last draw takes place on 28 of November, the same year when the direct debit draws are divided into 10 months. The application takes place on Min Golf.

Lodge Member19,780Knatte 0-121,595
VIP Member15,250Junior 13-212,595
Exclusive Member9,600Exclusive Junior8,495
Member Par 34,510
Greenfee Member1,095

The fee is paid through Min Golf.

Golf bag locker
Large golf bag locker930
Small golf bag locker700
Small locker355
Charging station battery1000

The fee is paid through Min Golf.


Lannalodge is different from an ordinary golf club. We have decided that your entire annual fee will go towards maintenance, improvements and development of the golf course. A regular golf club must allocate the annual fee to salaries for administration, club manager and Pro, and of course maintenance of the golf course. Improvements and development of the golf course and maintenance machines are often held back in a golf club because there is not enough money for it. Lannalodge has chosen a different path. Alla salary costs for reception and administration is being paid by the hotel business. Every SEK you as a golfer pay in annual fees goes therefore directly to the golf course. We can therefore develop and improve the golf course at a completely different pace than normal golf clubs.

Lannalodge golfresort is a privately owned golf facility that is connected to the Swedish golf Association via an A1 agreement. This agreement gives us the same obligations as an M1 club but fewer rights. Lannalodge golfresort does not have any voting rights at SGF. Our members are affected in such a way that, as a representative of Lannalodge golfresort you may NOT receive the National Sports Confederations's sign, as only non-profit clubs can be members of the National Sports Confederation. Therefore you do not receive a medal when participating in the Individual DM and SM, as it is the National Sports Confederation who awards the medals. Lannalodge golfresort may not participate in Team DM, JSM Club Team or Team SM for men and women.


Johanna Gustavsson
Hampus Bergman
Mimmi Bergman
Oscar Bergman
William Leu
Johan Wigertz


Vretavägen 3
719 93 Vintrosa
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